Earth Day 2022

John and I couldn’t wait, as usual, so we celebrated Earth Day yesterday. We went for a lovely five mile hike on a recently renovated portion of Red Trail. This section is called the Berm Trail because it is built on a levee, or berm. We were pleasantly surprised by how lovely this Berm TrailContinue reading “Earth Day 2022”


It has been a little over two weeks (hard to believe, but I just double checked the calendar…) since John and I purchased an adorable reconditioned motorhome, which he has named Eppy.” Eppy is short for E.P. or Escape Pod. We now have an added incentive for staying alive and well… paying for Eppy willContinue reading “Eppy…”

Ellie Mae Camper Cat

Ellie Mae’s first adventure in Eppy the Escape Pod (Our “new to us” 2018 Thor Majestic 19G RV…) was a major learning curve, for all of us. It began when she was captured during her afternoon nap and stuffed into her much hated cat carrier. After submitting to this initial indignity, she resolved to makeContinue reading “Ellie Mae Camper Cat”


The unfertilized egg that eventually became each of us who has lived on this planet first came into being when our mothers were embryos. Today is my late mother’s birthday, so the egg that became me began approximately 103 years ago, give or take 9 months. I have started this blog in October of 2021…Continue reading “Me…”

Enough About Me…

I am from lower Louisiana, and I grew up in the sole of the boot, just southwest and across the Mississippi River from New Orleans. The place was called Bridge City, though it wasn’t a city at all. We had no mayor, sheriff, or city limits. What we did have was the ”foot” of theContinue reading “Enough About Me…”

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