Ellie Mae Camper Cat

Ellie Mae’s first adventure in Eppy the Escape Pod (Our “new to us” 2018 Thor Majestic 19G RV…) was a major learning curve, for all of us. It began when she was captured during her afternoon nap and stuffed into her much hated cat carrier. After submitting to this initial indignity, she resolved to make the most of whatever came next. She secretly hoped it would not be another vet visit.

I seat belted her carrier into the third seat of the camper in such a way that she could see me in the driver’s seat. I was hoping to inspire confidence. Since capturing her is always the last thing John and I do before a trip, we were ready to roll. With heightened awareness we trundled out of the driveway and onto the street, taking a “short cut” to Highway 60 that involved a few lightly traveled backroads.

Highway 60 is a great road for RVs because most of it is four lane, and though tractor trailer trucks are plentiful, when the road does drop back to two lanes, there are a couple of passing lanes for slower traffic. We use them.

Once we were safely parked in our camping space at Lake Kissimmee State Park, and all of our outside chores (hook-ups for power and water) were done, we released Ellie Mae from her carrier. She began to explore her new “home away from home.” Satisfied there were no dogs, she retreated to her hiding place under John’s bed. We expected this, so all of her things were already stashed under there. Stationing herself in the farthest corner, she was surrounded by her new Yeow catnip fish… (BTW, I recommend this Yeow brand of catnip toys to all my fellow cat servants…) her new cat bed (actually a dog bed, but don’t tell her…) and her new litter box. She busied herself rubbing her scent on all of these new things. She would spend much of her time over the next couple of days rubbing her face against her new belongings, claiming them as her own.

Ellie Mae in hiding…

It was an unusally cool afternoon for a Florida Spring day, so we opened all the windows and roof vents, and made use of the screen door… thus allowing a fresh breeze to sweep through the camper. With the exception of a brief and exciting thunder storm, we were able to leave everything open throughout the night. Ellie Mae was intrigued by night sounds and night sights happening just outside the screen door. She spent much of the evening watching and listening to things we mere humans could not see, nor hear. All in all, she adjusted fast to this latest lifestyle challenge… RV camping… and we do marvel at her ability, as a “senior cat” to absorb new experiences. We hope this stimulus is good for her. We have certainly broadened her horizons in our time together. No doubt.

Looking down at Ellie Mae from my loft, predawn… coffee waiting…

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